Regarding the implementation of your individual software there are various factors that need to be considered. In our experience there are some aspects surfacing in nearly all projects. The following cornerstones are the foundation for the production of high-quality products.

  • Robust


    The technologies, tools and processes we use are coordinated aiming at the development of applications which meet high demands on reliability.
  • Performance


    When developing we have your future success in mind from the very start. Our software works efficiently and remains responsive, no matter how high the access numbers.
  • Maintainability


    Our experience and expertise allow us to develop software which can be adapted flexibly to new requirements and conditions again and again.
  • Sustainability


    We operate applications for you with a minimum of energy consumption and energy costs without compromises regarding the scope of performance. This is due to efficient software which runs on stream-lined systems.


As a purely functional language with a powerful type system Haskell offers many advantages when it comes to developing robust software while supporting developers to avoid common sources of errors. We have had an overwhelmingly good experience with finished projects in the web environment with Servant and Yesod, as well as in the backend field with console applications and in the loT environment.

Learn more about Haskell at antei on our technology blog.


For the presentation of interactive 3D objects and scenes in a webbrowser supported by animations and realistic materials (physically based rendering) Babylon.js allows the presentation of complex, full-screen scenes as well as the seamless embedding of 3D objects in websites.


As a long-serving operating system which has been developed actively and continuously, this UNIX derivate is first choice for many administrators when it comes to performance and stability under high network load. On top of that, FreeBSD’s native container solution allows parallel operation of isolated services without unnecessary overhead.

  • ZFS

    One of the most reliable file systems with a strong focus on data integrity. Interacting with FreeBSD Jails it offers the possibility to create separate snapshots for different services or to clone containers ad hoc and take back changes, short-term if necessary.

  • DTrace

    This specialized tool allows the analysis of running applications, not only in special test environments but in actual live operation. So it is possible to isolate and recognize problems which otherwise are hard to reproduce.


A full-grown database system with all the features you expect from a DBMS. The right choice for big amounts of data and high demand on performance and reliability as well.