About us

antei is a young start-up company focusing not only on the most modern technologies but -above all- on people. Our team consists of experienced developers and project managers, some of them looking back on decades-long experience in the industry. Respect, appreciation and authenticity characterize our corporate culture as well as the communication and co-operation with our customers.

In the interest of mutual success, we always work with our customers based on partnership on eye level. To find the best possible solutions for your specific requirements and demands, we take time to work them out in detail together with you. In order to get an overview of internal processes and actual needs we offer to take a direct look into your company.

We provide reliable and transparent project management and experience in traditionally organized as well as agile projects. As we believe in the high standard of our work, the need for lifelong learning is self-evident for us. This is why we do not only have a critical eye on the newest technical trends but also constantly watch developments in research relevant for our purposes.

No matter if you already have ideas for your next big project, just need to optimize or refine existing software or want to commission a prototype. Talk to us!


Dr. Sandra Schwark

is a graduated psychologist and can look back on many years of experience in project management and a variety of interdisciplinary fields.

At antei Dr. Sandra Schwark is the contact person between technical requirements and the communication with our customers, thus guaranteeing utmost transparency and smooth operations.

Jürgen Peters

connects IT enthusiasm since his childhood with 20 years of professional experience in system administration and software development as well as project management. He developed, maintained and supervised various projects from small prototypes to long-term IT systems for small teams as well as international companies. Additionally he advocates teaching and exchanging technological skills with his voluntary commitment.

Jürgen Peters brings his creative ideas and comprehensive experience to antei in a target-oriented way.