Being a team with many years of experience in software development and because of our exceptionally high quality standards we are highly competent partners in developing customized software solutions for your business.

In Bielefeld - the heart of Eastern Westfalia - we founded antei striving to realize our ideas and visions regarding software development and project management independently.
Das kommt aus Bielefeld
Our interdisciplinary team focuses on technical as well as interpersonal competence. In order to realize customized high-quality software for your business, we use our individual expertise and experience to work closely and effectively with our customers.


We develop cross-industry, customized software solutions for your business.


Not simply "off-the-shelf" but made exactly for you. We create software driven by your requirements.


Your business is growing and changing, our products are prepared for this.
Proactive Security

Proactive Security

Resilient and robust state of the art technology on every level. Always one step ahead of attackers and bugs.
No matter if it is your first idea or an already fully developed project, together we will find the optimal solution for you.


We deliberately rely on best-in-class technologies and are guided by our longstanding experience as well as contemporary academic research and always think outside the box.
What we require from the technologies we are using

Platform Independence

Devices come in a large variety. With digitalization becoming more relevant it is getting important to support heterogenous environments. Our applications target a wide spectrum of different platforms. This reduces friction and development cost.

No matter if 2D or 3D content, Augmented Reality or classical web content and user interfaces. Nothing stands between you and your ideas.

Performance and Scalability

When developing we have your future success in mind from the very start. Our software works efficiently and remains responsive, no matter how high the access numbers.

We develop energy and cost efficient applications without compromises regarding requirements.

Our experience and expertise allows us to create software which can be adapted flexibly to new requirements and conditions again and again.


The technologies, tools and processes we use are aiming at the development of applications which meet high demands on reliability.

Threat models are constantly changing. We utilize programming techniques which eliminate potential security vulnerabilities and programming errors.


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