Being a team with many years of experience in the IT industry and because of our exceptionally high quality standards we are highly competent partners in developing customized software solutions for your business.

In Bielefeld - the heart of Eastern Westfalia - we founded antei striving to realize our ideas and visions regarding software development and project management independently.
Our interdisciplinary team focuses on technical as well as interpersonal competence. In order to realize customized high-quality IT products for your business, we use our individual expertise and experience to work closely and effectively with our customers.


We develop cross-industry, customized software.

No matter if it is your first idea or an already fully developed project, together we will find the optimal solution for you. In order to do this, we offer the following services:

  • Analysis
    Analysis of the requirements considering your business processes
  • Development
    Development of all the necessary software components
  • Projectmanagement
    Accompanying, transparent project management
  • Operation
    Operation, maintenance and backup of applications, databases and all further components

We offer you the development of a great variety of software solutions customized to meet the requirements of your business, for example:

  • Web applications and REST services
  • Shop systems for B2B
  • Technical integration into downstream production processes
  • Management of contracts, contingents and drafting of SLA reports
  • IoT infrastructure based on MQTT
  • Processing of phone and address books, invoice and personnel staff data
  • Interactive 3D-visualization of existing media data on the web
  • Processing and analysis of bathymetry data
  • Development of prototypes
  • Hosting of applications we developed


We deliberately rely on best-in-class technologies and are guided by our longstanding experience as well as contemporary academic research and always think outside the box.

  • A robust operating system as the basis for the applications we host.
  • Programming languages and compilers implementing the highest possible amount of securities and generating efficient code.
  • A version control system which allows the transparent follow-up of changes.
  • Comprehensive and full documentation

As a result you get robust software which remains maintainable and expandable throughout an extended period of time and multiple development cycles. High-quality work begins with the choice of the right tools.


How can we help you?

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  • Dr. Sandra Schwark
    Managing Director
    0521 12007991
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